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Ambiguous Records was officially launched in 2008 with the release of Mr David Viner’s single Go Home on 7” vinyl. We have gone on to release many more records on vinyl, CD and digital formats by new artists including Alice Gun, Rob Marr and Roxy Rawson. Releases only form part of what we do and we have also been proud to present concerts at the Natural History Museum, Ronnie Scotts, Shepherd’s Bush Empire and hush at the The Royal Albert Hall amongst others. Last year we were asked to promote a concert for Tom Robinson’s 60th birthday. This concert came at a time of great uncertainty for 6 Music and ultimately became a celebration of the station presenting on stage a unified snapshot of the independent music industry – DJs, label owners, artists and fans united in defiance of the station’s proposed closure. Delve a little further into the label and you will find its reach extended to many other artists and organisations - The Irrepressibles, Orphans & Vandals, Smoke Fairies, James Pearson - the Artistic Director of Ronnie Scotts, Friends of the Earth, workshops at the Royal College of Music and collaborations with numerous classical projects including Lizzie Ball – konzertmeister to Nigel Kennedy, multi award winning percussionists ODuo, cellist Gemma Rosefield and guitarist Morgan Szymanski.

It has never been a better or indeed worse time to try and make it as an artist. We make everything from nothing, learn, develop, barter and just make things happen with a philosophy of anything is possible until proven otherwise. Sold out gigs, sold out records - we are a ‘go to’ label. Artists have a multitude of different needs and fans a multitude of wants. We work hand in hand with our artists where needed as their manager, plugger, session band, producer, publisher, PR, social media bitch, distributer, website builder, agent and friend to bring fan and artist together via the quickest possible route. We have received airplay on everything from BBC Radio 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 Music and XFM to Resonance FM and Amazing Radio. We have built our own distribution network to the brilliant independent shops of the UK. We work our arses off for everything that comes through the label not because being an indie label is cool but because an artist has poured their heart and soul into their work and it deserves nothing less.

AIM Members Stamp

Al Mobbs - Label Manager & Founder
Ambiguous Records

Ambiguous Records is proud to be a member label of AIM where Label Manager Al is also a director on the board.

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