Four Thieves Vinegar

EP RELEASED 10th December 2018

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Four Thieves Vinegar is a project that grew out of two friends sparring over words and sound. Starting in early 2018, it was recorded long distance, with each musician reacting to each other in turn. Using guitar, double bass, computer and voice, this seven track EP creates a world of sonic extremes.

“…I remember my Dad telling me that when he was a kid, there was a Civil War, and in a cupboard he hid, when the army came storming in and murdered his brother in front of his very eyes. I don’t understand how he survived the damage he saw…”

Sometimes beautiful, sometimes brutal the music takes the listener from the intimate experience of loss, through personal memories of childhood, to a narcotic fallout in a service station, all underpinned by a Dies irae motif from an imagined requiem.

“…It’s raining somewhere. The streets don’t glisten cos they’re wet. We move like lobsters across a dead surface we can’t forget…”

The first track Treatise, sets the tone with unhinged verse that spills over oscillating bass, before segueing into the poignant Lazarus. Burial Services, with its screaming Ebows and prepared piano backing a disturbing vocal, is an uncompromising contrast to the frank exploration of friendship that is Chasing Amy. Reflections on mortality, immigration, racism, and social media follow with Judas and Drones before Malmaison draws this first EP to a reflective close.

“…Retweet and like. Retweet and like. Like. Like. Like. Like. Die. Hype.”